Forest on Vancouver Island

Cedar logs that will become shakes and shingles

Choosing cedar shakes and shingles in your building projects is proven sustainable in many ways. British Columbia has a long history of responsibly and sustainably managing its vast forests. BC forestry practices combine tree planting and natural regeneration to create new forests that mirror the ecological diversity of existing forests. Logging companies are responsible for the harvested areas until there is a well-established and healthy forest. 

Using wood products is a form of carbon capture

Manufacturing is labour intensive and relies on the hard work and craftsmanship of our employees

Photosynthesis allows trees to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Young, growing forests remove the most carbon from our air – cleaning the air that we breathe. Forests are key to removing greenhouse gases from our atmosphere. When forest products are manufactured, carbon is stored for decades, sometimes even centuries. Because the manufacturing process of cedar shakes and shingles at CVS is labour intensive, as opposed to energy intensive, the planet benefits even more since there is less energy needed from fossil fuel or natural gas sources. Nothing goes to waste in our process; chips go on to make paper products and hog fuel is used for power generation.

The shaker sorts hog from larger chips

A sustainable shake roof

Choosing wood for your house is thermally efficient, easy to insulate and the only major building material that is renewable. By using wood products you can reduce your carbon footprint.